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First, a note from the TGHOA.   Our by-laws prohibit any fruit trees on any homeowner property or common ground.  Fruit trees attract pest and rats and are not good for the community

  • Check sprinkler systems for efficient use of water.
  • Plant summer bulbs, tubers, etc. to ensure great summer color. They’re excellent choices for small areas where your grass won’t grow. Best choices include lilies (blood, crinum, day, rain, spider), caladiums, cannas, elephant ears, amaryllis and society garlic.
  • Your yard will grow rapidly this month! Take advantage of the natural growth and fertilize well. Be certain ample iron is part of your mix to keep the area looking green and lush.
  • It’s tropical season, but cold spells can happen. Be prepared.
  • As the weather starts to change, it’s tempting to start pruning! It’s fine for evergreen shrubs and summer bloomers, but spring blooming plants already are preparing their blooms many times where you can’t see them. For these items, wait for now!
  • Get perennials in the ground to establish them.
  • Remember TGHOA does not allow the planting of fruit trees


Courtesy Florida Gardening

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