Thurston Groves HOA – Seminole

Thank You!

To all that help make our Spring Block Party a great success.  Thank you Karen & Janet and the Seminole Firefighters.  The Fire Department was there with a fire engine and to talk about neighborhood safety.  residents brought chairs and drinks and a dish to share.

And of course thanks for all the kids

Spring Planting Tips

In Florida, most annuals only last one season (not one year). To be successful, they must be planted at the right time, but unfortunately they are sometimes sold out of season and are therefore short-lived in the garden. Typically, annuals are divided into two types: warm season and cool season. Warm-season (tender) annuals are damaged by frosts or freezes and should be planted after the last frost date (Figure 2). Based on historical records, this is typically March 15 for North Florida and February 15 for Central Florida; frosts and freezes are rare in South Florida. However, early and late frosts can occur almost anywhere in the state, and tender annuals need to be covered if this occurs. Cool-season (hardy) annuals are intolerant of heat, rainfall, and humidity. They are planted in fall and usually expire with the onset of summer (late May/June).

For more information on Florida Friendly plantings, go HERE

5 Ways to Take Care Of Our Lake

One-Duck-TGOne of the many amenities that make Thurston Groves a beautiful community is our retention pond, affectionately called Thurston Lake.  By maintaining its care, we keep it from looking like a retention pond and more like a lake with its natural habitants of koi fish, cormorants, egrets, moorhens, ducks, turtles, armadillos, possums and yes, even an occasional visiting otter.

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