Thurston Groves HOA – Seminole

New Manager Appointed For Thurston Groves

Mary Fritzler

Mary Fritzler

Lisa Dixon, Tampa Director for LeLand Management, is pleased to announce  Mary Fritzler, as Thurston Groves HOA Manager.  Mary has been with Leland for over 7 years, and is a dedicated and talented manager.

Since 1997, Leland Management has served condominium and homeowners’ associations throughout Florida. Through its philosophy of honesty, integrity, respect and customer service, it has built lasting relationships with the communities and boards.  As a family owned company, Leland uniquely tailors its services and expertise for each property.  Since 2013, Leland has managed the affairs of Thurston Groves Homeowners’ Association through its Board of Directors.

Mary Fritzler, Community Association Manager
12630 Race Track Road, Tampa, FL, 33626
Phone: (727) 451-7902 | Fax: (727) 451-7912

President’s Blog

Bob Lima

The Thurston Groves Board of Directors hope that your holiday period was a safe and pleasant one.  Our best wishes to you & your family for 2016 (time flies when you live in a terrific community).
I’d like to start by giving you a review of the Annual Homeowner’s meeting, which was held on December 8th, 2015.  First and foremost, was the election of two new board members.  We have been lucky in the past few years to have many of our members step up and agree to serve their community.  There was a time in the past, when we barely had enough nominees to fill the vacancies.  Stephen King and Alan House have filled the positions of outgoing President Janet Dent and Aaron Sheets.  Our appreciation for their outstanding service.

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2015 Annual Homeowners Meeting Summary


Nearly fifty homeowners met Tuesday December 8th for the Annual Thurston Groves HOA meeting at the Seminole Recreation Center conference room.  Out-going President Janet Dent thanked the crowd for their support during the year and wished the new board great success.

The membership voted Stephen King (Falcon Terr) and Alan House (TG Blvd) to replace the two vacant positions for next year.   In a follow-up organizational meeting later, the board elected it’s officers for 2016:

President – Bob Lima
V President – Larry Tieman
Treasurer – Bob Siegel
Secretary – Alan House
Director – Stephen King

The meeting also discussed plans for new landscape projects and a major overhaul of the entrances and beds along 102nd and Ridge Rd.

Guest Speaker Deputy Webb, Pinellas Country Sheriff’s Department followed with a much valued presentation on keeping your home and loved ones safe and identity theft.  There was interest expressed about starting a Neighborhood Watch.  Homeowner David Sferrazza volunteered to help set it up.  Please contact Dave by email at

The new board will plan to meet again sometime in February.  We encourage your attendance.