May 2016 Garden Award

TGHOA Garden Award May 2016The Thurston Groves Homeowners Association Landscape Committee has chosen Ronald & Lisa Marcellus of 10228 Thurston Groves Blvd as our April 2016 Garden Award. The overall goal of this award is to recognize individuals whose property exemplifies the mission of Keep Thurston Groves Beautiful. We consider several factors in our choice for Garden Award. The yard must be well maintained and neatly groomed. Yards may be planted with seasonal color or perhaps landscaped for curb appeal.


Your Lake Report

Each month, your board receives a report of the condition of the Thurston Groves Lake (Waterway).  This month we would like to share with you the health of the lake, which is excellent.

February Board Meeting Summary

BODlogoThe first full board meeting of the year took place on February 22nd, 2016. All five board members were present: VP, Larry Tielman; Secretary, Alan House; Treasurer, Bob Seigel; Director, Stephen King and President, Bob Lima. Also in attendance was Mary Fritzler, TGHOA Manager for LeLand Management Company.

The meeting set the pace for the year in order to handle various projects and issues affecting Thurston Groves: Read more ..

New Manager Appointed For Thurston Groves

Mary Fritzler

Mary Fritzler

Lisa Dixon, Tampa Director for LeLand Management, is pleased to announce  Mary Fritzler, as Thurston Groves HOA Manager.  Mary has been with Leland for over 7 years, and is a dedicated and talented manager.

Since 1997, Leland Management has served condominium and homeowners’ associations throughout Florida. Through its philosophy of honesty, integrity, respect and customer service, it has built lasting relationships with the communities and boards.  As a family owned company, Leland uniquely tailors its services and expertise for each property.  Since 2013, Leland has managed the affairs of Thurston Groves Homeowners’ Association through its Board of Directors.


2015 Annual Homeowners Meeting Summary


Nearly fifty homeowners met Tuesday December 8th for the Annual Thurston Groves HOA meeting at the Seminole Recreation Center conference room.  Out-going President Janet Dent thanked the crowd for their support during the year and wished the new board great success.

The membership voted Stephen King (Falcon Terr) and Alan House (TG Blvd) to replace the two vacant positions for next year.   In a follow-up organizational meeting later, the board elected it’s officers for 2016:

President – Bob Lima
V President – Larry Tieman
Treasurer – Bob Siegel
Secretary – Alan House
Director – Stephen King


Sidewalk Repair


TG Homeowners may have noticed various markers painted on the sidewalks over the past few weeks.  Our check with the City of Seminole Public Works Department found that they are marking the sidewalk cracks (mainly from the Live Oak roots), in order to return and shave them down.  Jeremy Hockenbury, Director of Public Works, says they are awaiting some new equipment that will do a better job and more efficient.

Reserve Study Summary – 2015

This Reserve Study provides an insight to Thurston Groves assets and maintenance responsibilities in the out years.  Please keep in mind the numbers used are a snapshot in time and not adjusted to current numbers. This document is designed to aid in budgetary planning.  Although it looks out 30 years, the Board remains focused on shorter term planning.  It is our suggestion that future Boards keep the spreadsheet as part of the HOA budget as an opportunity to maintain insight to upcoming maintenance in the out years and a way to document when maintenance occurs. Read more ..

Electronic HOA Notices



A Homeowner Association may provide all notices to the members electronically. By incorporating this provision in the code, Thurston Groves would save on printing and mailing costs by using this notice method. This would also allow us to deliver important announcements or emergency information in a timely, more uniform manner. We recently sent all Thurston Groves Homeowners a Permission Form.  If you have returned it, Thank You!  If not  you can download it here.

Please fill out this form if you would like your Electronic HOA Notice notices sent electronically (e-mail) and sign the bottom of the form.


Spring Planting Tips

In Florida, most annuals only last one season (not one year). To be successful, they must be planted at the right time, but unfortunately they are sometimes sold out of season and are therefore short-lived in the garden. Typically, annuals are divided into two types: warm season and cool season. Warm-season (tender) annuals are damaged by frosts or freezes and should be planted after the last frost date (Figure 2). Based on historical records, this is typically March 15 for North Florida and February 15 for Central Florida; frosts and freezes are rare in South Florida. However, early and late frosts can occur almost anywhere in the state, and tender annuals need to be covered if this occurs. Cool-season (hardy) annuals are intolerant of heat, rainfall, and humidity. They are planted in fall and usually expire with the onset of summer (late May/June).

For more information on Florida Friendly plantings, go HERE

5 Ways to Take Care Of Our Lake

One-Duck-TGOne of the many amenities that make Thurston Groves a beautiful community is our retention pond, affectionately called Thurston Lake.  By maintaining its care, we keep it from looking like a retention pond and more like a lake with its natural habitants of koi fish, cormorants, egrets, Ibis, moorhens, ducks, turtles, armadillos, possums and yes, even an occasional visiting otter.  Other fish include Mosquito fish (Cambusia), Bream, Bass and Catfish.