Thurston Groves HOA – Seminole

Sidewalk Repair


TG Homeowners may have noticed various markers painted on the sidewalks over the past few weeks.  Our check with the City of Seminole Public Works Department found that they are marking the sidewalk cracks (mainly from the Live Oak roots), in order to return and shave them down.  Jeremy Hockenbury, Director of Public Works, says they are awaiting some new equipment that will do a better job and more efficient.

Reserve Study Summary – 2015

This Reserve Study provides an insight to Thurston Groves assets and maintenance responsibilities in the out years.  Please keep in mind the numbers used are a snapshot in time and not adjusted to current numbers. This document is designed to aid in budgetary planning.  Although it looks out 30 years, the Board remains focused on shorter term planning.  It is our suggestion that future Boards keep the spreadsheet as part of the HOA budget as an opportunity to maintain insight to upcoming maintenance in the out years and a way to document when maintenance occurs. Continue reading

Electronic HOA Notices



A Homeowner Association may provide all notices to the members electronically. By incorporating this provision in the code, Thurston Groves would save on printing and mailing costs by using this notice method. This would also allow us to deliver important announcements or emergency information in a timely, more uniform manner. We recently sent all Thurston Groves Homeowners a Permission Form.  If you have returned it, Thank You!  If not  you can download it here.

Please fill out this form if you would like your Electronic HOA Notice notices sent electronically (e-mail) and sign the bottom of the form.


Up On The Roof


This is the time of year to evaluate the “Curb Appeal” of your home.  Are you blending in with the Thurston Groves Community by maintaining well-groomed lawns, shrubs and clean roofs.   Our homes range in age from 13 years to 2 years and some of the early homes have not had roofs cleaned.   Our oaks, shade and out-of-sight location make the roofs easy to miss on your Spring Cleanup List.

Clean roofs are part of each homeowners covenant responsibilities.  Eventually our Management Company will send out friendly reminders to have them pressure washed.