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Favorite New Directors & Officer’s Chosen At General Meeting

Janet Dent - President

Janet Dent – President

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Thurston Groves Home Owners Association was held December 9th, with the election of three new directors and a slate of new officers.  Elected to the Board was Larry Tieman, Dr. Robert Siegel and Bob Lima.

We wish to thank the retiring board members for their contributions over the past two years; Dave Sferrazza, Jim Kieffer and Rich Canter. Your new officers are as follows:


  • Janet Dent – President
  • Aaron Sheets – Vice President
  • Dr. Robert Siegel – Treasurer
  • Bob Lima – Secretary
  • Larry Tieman – Director

This year’s Holiday Lights have been delayed due to lighting problems at our entrances. However, we will have lights up by this weekend.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Repaint Mailbox Offer

MailboxWith the Homeowner’s Association getting ready to repaint our black metal fence, the vendor has offered to repaint any homeowner’s mailbox for $45 each.  If you are interested, contact Jaison de Silva at Pro-Master Painting, 727-235-8171.  NOTE:  This offer will expire January 5th 2015.

Winter Gardening in Thurston Groves

pointsettiaIn Florida, most annuals only last one season (not one year). To be successful, they must be planted at the right time, but unfortunately they are sometimes sold out of season and are therefore short-lived in the garden. Typically, annuals are divided into two types: warm season and cool season. Warm-season (tender) annuals are damaged by frosts or freezes and should be planted after the last frost date. Based on historical records, this is typically February 15 for Central Florida.. However, early and late frosts can occur almost anywhere in the state, and tender annuals need to be covered if this occurs. Cool-season (hardy) annuals are intolerant of heat, rainfall, and humidity. They are planted in fall and usually expire with the onset of summer (late May/June).

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5 Ways to Take Care Of Our Lake

One-Duck-TGOne of the many amenities that make Thurston Groves a beautiful community is our retention pond, affectionately called Thurston Lake.  By maintaining its care, we keep it from looking like a retention pond and more like a lake with its natural habitants of koi fish, cormorants, egrets, moorhens, ducks, turtles and yes, even an occasional visiting otter.

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