Year End Lake Report – 2016

Thurston Groves Lake was in excellent condition.
In the December Lake Report there was no observed unwanted vegetation other than the decomposing Prim rose out in the center. This Prim rose was treated 3 months ago and is continuing to decompose. The water level was extremely low during the inspection.


Board Elections 2017

Janis Howard Pres

The TGHOA Annual meeting on December 7th, 2016 elected the following new members to replace outgoing directors: Susan Garrity (Golden Eagle); Joe Dasharoon (Citation Court) and Bob Jahnke (Golden Eagle Dr). The outgoing directors are Bob Lima (Pres), Larry Tieman (VP) and B Robert Siegel (Tres).

The primary purpose of the Annual Meeting was first, elect a new board and, second, rollover excess funds to reserves.  Other business discussed included minor landscape issues with the vendors, safety of the community and general public issues.

Bob Jahnke VP

Alan House

Susan Garrity

Joe Disharoon





Winter Gardening

First, a note from the TGHOA.   Our by-laws prohibit any fruit trees on any homeowner property or common ground.  Fruit trees attract pest and rats and are not good for the community.

Florida, most annuals only last one season (not one year). To be successful, they must be planted at the right time, but unfortunately they are sometimes sold out of season and are therefore short-lived in the garden. Typically, annuals are divided into two types: warm season and cool season. Warm-season (tender) annuals are damaged by frosts or freezes and should be planted after the last frost date. Based on historical records, this is typically February 15 for Central Florida.. However, early and late frosts can occur almost anywhere in the state, and tender annuals need to be covered if this occurs. Cool-season (hardy) annuals are intolerant of heat, rainfall, and humidity. They are planted in fall and usually expire with the onset of summer (late May/June).

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A Very Successful Garage Sale!

Thanks to all the homeowners participating in our “first ever” Neighborhood Garage Sale.  There were hundreds of shoppers that came out, causing some minor traffic problems along 102nd.  We have already had some suggestions from the local sheriff on how to avoid this in the future.

Your Lake Report

Each month, your board receives a report of the condition of the Thurston Groves Lake (Waterway).  From time to time we will post these reports on website.  The City of Seminole also monitors our pond for mosquitoes and sprays when necessary.

Mosquito control Zika

ZikaInfoWith the recent concern over the Zika virus (7 confirmed reports in Pinellas as of August 4th 2016), your board is monitoring our lake through our lake contractor, Aquatic Systems, to make sure there are no lava festation.  The city of Seminole has sprayed in May and will once again spay the pond in August.

In addition to that, homeowners should be vigilant and make sure the are no mosquito breeding grounds in your yard. Scour your yard (and maybe your neighbors’ yards, too) for any standing water. Get rid of potted plants, outdoor furniture cushions with indentations from buttons, even old, concave wood slats on your deck that create a small puddle when it rains (lay something smooth on top of it). Even clean out the gutters.  Have a pool? No need to drain—mosquitos are deterred by the chlorine that keeps the pool clean and safe for swimming.

Florida Health for more information.

Center For Disease Control

5 Ways to Take Care Of Our Lake

One-Duck-TGOne of the many amenities that make Thurston Groves a beautiful community is our retention pond, affectionately called Thurston Lake.  By maintaining its care, we keep it from looking like a retention pond and more like a lake with its natural habitants of koi fish, cormorants, egrets, Ibis, moorhens, ducks, turtles, armadillos, possums and yes, even an occasional visiting otter.  Other fish include Mosquito fish (Cambusia), Bream, Bass and Catfish.